Tap into your strength and love in 2016!!

Join us to deepen and fine-tune your practice of yoga on and off the mat. Honor your body, heart, mind and spirit; strengthen your body and sense of empowerment; open your heart's capacity for radical acceptance, compassion and love.

  • Friday Night 6-9pm
  • Love & Compassion
  • When you turn toward your experience with loving compassion, your nervous system relaxes and you deepen in presence, self-connection, and appreciation. You feel open to yourself and to the gifts that life brings. You feel connected in your relationships. Enjoy a heart-centered asana and movement practice with a focus on backbends, yin poses, gentle and playful movements, hip openers, and a lounge nourishing relaxation. This practice also includes resting pranayama, nidra, lecture, contemplation, and group discussion.
  • Saturday, 11:00am - 1:30pm
  • Empowered Strength
  • When you engage your strength, your vitality increases and self-respect deepens, and you are fully engaged in your practice in your life. Your inner strength is connected to your core values, and to your authentic "yes" and "no". You're able to recognize the shift from fear to action. ENjoy an energizing practice, tapping into your core and engaging your strength throughout your whole body. This practice includes asana, pranayama, rest, lecture, contemplation and group discussion.
  • Saturday Afternoon 3:00-5:30pm
  • Embodying Love and Strength
  • When you tap into your love and strength, you practice from a state of relaxation and move into strong action in ways that feel good to you on every level of your being. You are open, empowered, and connected with your whole authentic self. Enjoy a practice facilitating integration, balance and playfulness which includes a variety of asanas and arm balances. This practice also includes pranayama, rest, meditation, lecture, contemplation and chant.
  • Saturday Evening Special Event 7:30-9:00pm (priced separately)
  • Dance Journey is simple, playful, light and deep. Join us and free yourself to laugh an delay and dance in a welcoming group. With a unique playlist inspired by Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey", you'll discover yourself through dance!
  • $140 for workshops (Friday/Saturday 3 sessions)
  • $25 for Dance Journey (not included in workshop price)
  • Rooms are BOGO so register early and plan to stay the night!
  • CXL policy - if you are unable to attend, please cancel 3 days prior to the event to avoid being charged in full.
  • Rhonda Mills
  • For 15 years, Rhonda has facilitated people to return home to their body-mind-heart essence. She is a skilled guide who facilitates people to discover the gift of their own wisdom, vibrant health, purpose, joy and highest potential.
  • Register now: 918.485.1810
  • info@thecanebrake.com


  • Offered by: Drew Ary, ALC

    Keller Williams Advantage

p: 918.884.5263