The keys to longevity, energy and vibrant health are found in the principles of Ayurveda. Lisa Bracken, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Intern, is accepting clients who are ready to commit to a better way of being. Together you'll unlock the unique qualities of your body and mind that will ultimately empower you with optimal health and wellness. A commitment of 6 visits is required

Initial Consultation consists of two visits ($85 one price / both visits)

  • Initial Intake (90-120 min): Detailed information is gathered about your diet, lifestyle, health conditions, and daily habits. Pulse and tongue diagnosis included.
  • Report of Findings (60 min.): You'll be presented with a summary of your Prakruti (inherent constitution) and Vikruti (current state of imbalance). As your Ayurvedic Practitioner Intern, Lisa will work directly with her supervisor to develop a treatment plan and a path forward for you.

Follow-up Visits ($55 each)

  • As you know, the path to wellness takes time and commitment. You can expect weekly follow-up visits for at least the first four weeks after the report of findings. As an Intern, Lisa will work directly under her supervisor's watchful eye to implement a constitutionally correct diet, lifestyle modifications, and herbal therapies. You'll do this in stages over the course of your 4 follow-up visits. These four follow-up visits are weekly.

Of course you are welcome to continue beyond four visits, we anticipate working with many clients for 6 months and more.

$295 for all six visits - paid in advance please

All visits will take place at The Canebrake.

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