According to Ayurvedic philosophy, the skin eats. As the body’s largest organ, the skin digests everything that is topically applied. We can often see what is going on internally by examining the external appearance of our skin. Problem skin is the body’s expression of internal imbalance. Proper nourishment of the skin will help the skin better function as an organ, help the skin look vibrant and healthy. To remedy severe problem skin, changes should be made internally as well with diet and lifestyle. Read more about Ayurveda and discover your doshic make-up here.

  • A deeply relaxing warm oil massage that nourishes the tissues, softens tense muscles and calms the mind. Abhyanga is instrumental in easing the diseases of the nervous and immune systems, decreasing Vata, strengthening the Dhatus (bodily tissues), increasing stamina and promoting healthy sleep.

  • 90min 130.
  • One of the most thorough and luxurious massages you’ll ever experience. With two therapists working in unison, this rhythmic, dance-like massage is extremely nourishing. In addition to stimulating the lymphatic system, the Abhyanga promotes restful sleep, enhances immunity and fosters relaxation.
  • 60min 165.
  • Nasya Therapy - warm oil for the nostrils - helps to clear and lubricate the nasal passages, relieving acute and chronic sinus problems such as allergies, mucous congestion, dry nasal passages and snoring. Karna - warm oil for the ears - lubricates the delicate filaments of the ear canal to sharpen hearing and remove impurities. Karna Purana is effective at alleviating ringing in the ears, TMJ and vertigo. Combined together, these therapies provide benefit to all Doshas, especially Vata and Kapha.
  • 45min 60. / Add-on 30min 50.
  • Schedule a few minutes with our Ayurvedic body worker and learn a variety of holistic treatments ranging from exercises to at-home skin care treatments.
  • 45min 45.
  • The name says it all. This powerful, holistic trio deeply relaxes the mind and body allowing for rejuvenation, regeneration and purification on a multitude of levels. A four-handed Abhyanga Massage, followed by Shirodhara and Swedana (steam therapy), this combination of services promotes proper energy flow, a clear and grounded mind, and a deeper connection to one’s Self.
  • 120min 275.
  • In Sanskrit, the word “marma” means hidden or secret. A marma point is thought to be a juncture of vital life force on the body where all connective tissue meet – muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints. When imbalances block the movement of pranic energy in the body, the resulting stagnation leads to physical and mental discomfort and disease. This light, energetic, warm oil massage relieves physical and mental ama (toxicity), improves lymph flow, helps to balance the Vata dosha and energizes the body.

  • 90min 160.

  • Calm the mind and experience peaceful rejuvenation as warm oils flow gently on the forehead, opening the third eye. As the oil softly and continuously streams onto the forehead for an extended period of time, the nervous system is relaxed, resulting in relief from depression, anxiety and insomnia.

  • 60min 105. / Add on 45min 85.
  • If you’re looking for release of low back, hip and sacral tension, this treatment is for you. Using the potent and powerful Mahanarayan Oil, the Kati Basti is beneficial in alleviating pain, soreness and muscle spasms. From an Ayurvedic point of view, it helps to pacify one of the primary sites of Vata.

  • 45min 75. / 3pack 199.
  • Need relief from dry eyes, allergies, eye twitches and strain? This restorative and preventative Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes is for you. A dam of dough is placed securely around the eye itself and filled with slightly warm ghee (clarified butter). Once submerged under the ghee, you’ll perform various eye exercises. Netra Basti is a rejuvenative therapy that helps to reduce headaches, improve vision, ease eye wrinkles/dark circles and slow natural eye degeneration.

  • 20min 65.

  • This basti focuses on the nabhi marma at the navel, the vital center where all 72,000 nadis converge. A dam of hand-made dough is placed over the navel area and filled with warm medicated oil. Nabhi Basti helps to strengthen digestion and aids in the relief of digestive problems.

  • 30min 70.

  • Multiple dams of dough are placed along the spine and filled with heated Mahanarayan Oil. The Prustha Basti releases tension in the spine, lubricates the discs, alleviates pain, nourishes nerve ganglions and is thought to clear blockages in the chakras.

  • 45min 85. / 3pack 215.
  • Wonderful treatment for de-stressing the whole body by focusing on the areas that are most vulnerable to tension: shoulders, neck, face and head. Not only does this massage induce a state of peacefulness and tranquility, but it helps to increase the flow of cerebral-spinal fluids, which in turn strengthens the nervous system. The Ayurvedic Scalp Massage assists in easing eye strain, tinnitus, TMJ and sinusitis. It stimulates lymphatic drainage and encourages peaceful sleep
  • 30min 60.


  • Offered by: Drew Ary, ALC

    Keller Williams Advantage

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